Planning a trip? Here are the apps you must have on your phone when you are travelling

Planning a trip? Here are the apps you must have on your phone when you are travelling

A smartphone is perhaps the most important thing to carry along for the millennial traveller after a passport.


A 2018 study conducted by Google with PhocusWright, a travel market research company, found that almost 77% of Indian smartphone users research hotels and airfares on their devices.

With traditional data-acquiring methods such as maps and diaries becoming burdensome, the modern traveller looks to newer ways for improved data quality available through smartphones.

From helping one plan a trip, to intimating about local weather conditions and navigating convoluted paths, the phone has become a travel essential and here are a few apps that help travellers.

If you are planning a trip any time soon, here are some of the apps that you must have on your phone. All of these apps work in most countries and cities across the world.

For Navigation

Google Maps: Finding a destination has been made extremely easy thanks to Google Maps on both Android and iOS. The app is considered to be a standout navigational map. It helps people by presenting them with routes, nearby public transportation alternatives and a host of other features. Google Maps also warns travellers about traffic congestion and provides information about eateries closeby.

Communication Apps

WhatsApp: Some might argue that WhatsApp is not necessarily an app that is associated with travelling, but given its credibility, one cannot question that it is something that must be installed in smartphones. WhatsApp allows a traveller to contact a friend in case of an emergency, share real-time updates and find locations shared by others on the app.

Weather Apps

AccuWeather: A well-planned outing could suddenly turn ugly if nature decides to play spoilsport. A magical day out in the meadows could end tragically with a shower spell. Thanks to weather apps like AccuWeather, which highlight 5-day forecasts and local weather conditions based on GPS locations, these mishaps can be avoided. A weather app on a phone means there will be no hiccups in your itinerary.

Language translators

Google Translate: Perhaps one of the most essential travel apps, it helps communicate with a total stranger when you are in a country whose language you do not speak. Google Translate offers interpretations of over 100 languages and can translate 59 languages without the internet as well. The app also provides two-way instant speech translation in 32 languages.

Ride-sharing apps

Uber and others: While it may not be necessary to book a taxi the moment your flight lands, it does come handy in helping travellers get around quickly and efficiently without worrying about directions. In a foreign country, a ride-sharing app could turn out to be your most-trusted companion.

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