Police warns those who plan to buy second-hand smartphones via apps

Police warns those who plan to buy second-hand smartphones via apps

Buying a second hand smartphone or any gadgets is a common phenomenon now with millions of users buying them on a daily basis. While most of the second hand products are genuine and are sold by actual sellers, some can use the platform to dupe others, specially when it comes to smartphones. So, Delhi Police has also raised its voice against this, tweeting and informing potential buyers to consider a few points before buying a second hand smartphone.

In a tweet on March 1, the Delhi Police handle mentioned three things to take care before buying a second hand smartphone.

-Be warned if someone is in an immense hurry to sell the second hand smartphone. The phone could be a stolen one and may land you in trouble.

-Be warned if the seller is pressurizing you for a cash payment, which means no online record of the transaction.

-Be warned if the seller wants you to pay using a QR code. This means that the buyer won’t know to whom it is being paid.


Worth adding here is that while several users buy second hand smartphones from apps like OLX, Quickr and more, it is always not the case that the seller is a genuine one. So, it is always advisable to meet the person, take a look at the product and then buy, if in the same city. Always feel free to talk about the device and get more information before paying online. You can even ask for the original bill of the product to see if it is genuine and not a fake.

Source:- hindustantimes


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