Rule To Withdraw EPF Without Employer Signature

Rule To Withdraw EPF Without Employer Signature

Do you want to withdraw EPF without employer signature, because the employer is not cooperating? Do you want to go directly to EPFO because the previous employer is not signing your EPF Withdrawal form?


You have not served notice period and your company is not ready to attest EPF withdrawal form without paying for notice period? Or even you want to withdraw your provident fund without the resignation. Are you not able to get employer approval because the company is closed?

There may be many reasons which force you to withdraw the EPF amount directly from Employee Provident Fund Office. You are not the only person with this situation. There are lakhs of employees who want to get EPF money back without going to the employer. Fortunately, there is a way to get your money back without employer’s consent. But before that you should know the rule about EPF withdrawal before the age of 57 years.

Rules Of EPF Withdrawal

  • You can withdraw your EPF amount if you have completed more than two months of service. There is relaxation in this mandatory waiting rule if you fulfill some  conditions.
  • You can withdraw your EPF amount if you have not got any job till two months after the resignation.
  • You can withdraw 100% of the EPF corpus, the employer contribution and EPF interest upon it after 2 months of resignation.
  • You can also partially withdraw some amount of  PF in the certain situation.
  • You can withdraw your PF amount online if Aadhaar is linked to UAN.
  • If you withdraw PF before 5 years of continuous service, the PF amount would become taxable.

The Harassment of Employers

The rules do not state that an employer can hold the EPF amount of an employee. But, Many employer do not approve the EPF withdrawal form to arm-twist the employee. The employers try to enforce the notice period against the signature on EPF withdrawal form. This illegal practice is very common among errant employers. Due to this the employee suffers. Are you also one of them?

I am listing some of such problem which were posted in the comment section of the post on  ‘online EPF transfer’.

You Can Get PF Without Employer Signature

Fortunately, the things are getting better. EPFO is really trying hard to contain the high handedness of the employer. First it was online PF transfer, which eased the PF account transfer very easy. Second, It came with universal account number which made EPF transfer and balance check an easier process. Now it, has also made the EPF withdrawal without employer approval a cakewalk. The UAN has made EPF withdrawal very easy. There are two methods to withdraw EPF without employers signature.

1. EPF Withdrawal Who has Given Adhaar Number

Some time back I have advised my readers to give Adhaar number to PF office as this would make EPF withdrawal easy. Now EPFO has introduced the Adhaar linked EPF withdrawal. This method of EPF withdrawal do not require any authentication, forget about the employer. It is as easy as filling bank withdrawal slip.

But, to avail this super easy facility, you must fulfill these conditions.

  • You must have the UAN. UAN is allotted by the EPFO. You can check UAN status online. Even, you can generate UAN as well.
  • You must have given the bank account and Adhaar number into UAN database.
  • The employer should have verified the Adhaar number of the employee.

This process of EPF withdrawal do not ask anything related to your identity and KYC details. The EPFO verifies your identity with Adhaar data and deposit the money into the account authenticated by the employer. The employers are asked to verify the bank details and Adhaar number while you are in the service…..Read More>>>


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