Samsung and OnePlus to manufacture their TVs in India

Samsung and OnePlus to manufacture their TVs in India

Electronics giants Samsung and OnePlus have announced that they will produce televisions in India. According to a report published in Economic Times, the two leading international electronics brands have announced that they will start manufacturing most of their television sets in India.

Both companies have partnered with Chinese electronics firm Skyworth that has its manufacturing plant in Hyderabad. Skyworth runs its operations in India as a joint venture with an Indian partner. For the time being, they will produce 32-inch and 43-inch television sets in the Hyderabad plant.

India can potentially become the next manufacturing hub

After the Covid-19 spread that started in China, the supply chain got disrupted for many companies across the world that had their manufacturing plants in China. Many brands have decided to move their plants to other nations. India is one of the leading choices for many brands.

Samsung has announced that it will reduce the number of TVs imported from plants in other countries and manufacture up to 90 percent of all the company sales in India. On the other hand, after the launch of its televisions in India, OnePlus has announced domestic production in the country.

Samsung has announced that it will expand its association with Dixon Technologies to produce smart TV variants from 43-inch to 58-inch in India. As of now, Dixon is already manufacturing 32-inch and 43-inch television sets for the company.

Local manufacturing will help in increasing profits

One of the main advantages these companies will get from manufacturing open cell TV panels in India is the zero duty component. It will help the companies increase their profits, and the Indian customers will eventually benefit from the price too. In 2018, the Korean giant Samsung moved out of its manufacturing unit from India after the government imposed duties on open cell panels. The finished product was being imported from Vietnam through a free trade route. Last year the Indian government decided to reduce the duty and brought it back to zero. OnePlus is currently importing televisions from China.

Leading television brands like LG, Xiaomi, Panasonic, and Sony already have manufacturing plants in India.



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