SBI Cleared Confusion, Which Clients Will Be Closed From 1 December Net Banking

SBI Cleared Confusion, Which Clients Will Be Closed From 1 December Net Banking

State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest public sector bank, has alerted customers on their website for updating mobile numbers. According to this, Net Banking facility of those customers will be discontinued from December 1, 2018, which has not updated their mobile number in the bank branch. Most of the bank’s alerts are client configs. They do not understand that the bank’s alert is for the customers. An official of the bank said that this alert is for customers who have not made e-KYC and using net banking through 3D PIN facility. Mobile PIN is not required in the 3D PIN facility.


Do not be worried
SBI customer Ritu Tripathi questioned this recent alert of the customer bank- My mobile number is an updated account in bank account and I also use net banking. But whether this notification of SBI is for all customers. Do I have to update the number again? According to the official statement of SBI, the bank periodically asks the customers to update their address and number. This is a routine. This does not have to be disturbed by the customers whose mobile number has been updated in the e-KYC in the bank account.

Number updates but still the NetBanking feature
is different from another customer Abhishek Kumar’s problem. He told that he had opened an account in a branch of SBI a few years ago. Net banking was active in that account. But for some reason they had to close the account. Later, a new account was opened but Net Banking could not be activated in it. The reason for the bank indicates the registered mobile number. Bank branch says that you will have to delete the given number in the locked account, only then the new account will get net banking facility.

What to do
According to the official statement of the customer SBI, the customer will have to go to the branch to get a mobile number update. According to SBI’s message, Internet Banking User, please update your mobile number immediately, if done, then ignore this message. The mobile number will be from the Registration Branch. This update should occur in every situation before December 1, 2018.

What does the Reserve Bank say?
SBI officials say that the bank issued this notification on the circular of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). RBI issued a circular on July 6, 2017 and said that the bank will register its customer’s mobile number in every situation so that they will get banking updates from SMS.

The 3D pin option may also be closed,
a banker said that the bank is also asking to update the mobile number as it wants to transfer the customer to the facility paying by OTIP from the 3D Secure PIN facility. The Bank can stop the 3D Secure Service after some time. This is also because, banks consider OTP verification more secure.


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