SBI Vs PNB Vs ICICI Bank: How much service charge, on the Savings Account, should be known.

SBI Vs PNB Vs ICICI Bank: How much service charge, on the Savings Account, should be known.

Banks give non-financial services such as bank statements, lockers with financial services such as cash withdrawals, deposits to their customers. In lieu of these services, the banks charge some charges from the customers. These charges vary for different services. Also, not all banks charge a single charge.


Recently, SBI’s MD PK Gupta claimed that the charge taken by SBI for various services is from the minimum charges of the banking industry. He also said that the charges of SBI are lower compared to other private sector banks.

FE Hindi Online has extracted the details of service charges of Punjab National Bank (PNB) and ICICI Bank along with SBI as well as two other major banks in the country. Let us tell you how much these three big banks in the country charge from the customers on major services.

1. Checkbook

– The first 25 checks in Multicity checkbook free in a financial year on the account with quarterly average balance up to Rs 1 lakh in SBI, followed by

  • 30 rupees plus GST on 10 check
  • 75 rupees plus 25 GST at check
  • 150 rupees plus GST at 50 check

No charge for more than 1 lakh quarterly average balance and senior citizen.

– After the free check or checkbook in PNB, 2.25 to 3 per check plus GST
– 1 check box free of 20 checks in ICICI Bank, followed by Rs 20 per check book plus GST on every 10 check books.

2. Transactions from ATM

– In case of different locations, more than the free limit fixed in the SBI, from 10 rupees to 50 rupees plus GST per transaction according to different locations, up to 5 to 8 rupees plus GST per transaction in case of non financial transactions.

– After the 5 free withdrawals from PNB ATM, Rs 10 per transaction, after completion of fixed free withdrawal from other bank ATM, Rs 20 per transaction plus GST

– On completion of free withdrawal license fixed for different locations in ICICI Bank, Rs 20 per financial transaction plus GST and 8.50 per non-financial transaction plus GST

3. Not on Monthly Hours Balance

– From Rs 20 to Rs 100 plus GST in different locations in SBI

– Rs 400 to Rs 1000 per quarters plus GST on non-quarterly balance of PNB

– In ICICI, according to different places, the reduction in the balance required to be reduced from 5% to 100 rupees plus balance up to 5%

4. Debit Card Charges

– In SBI

  • 100 plus 300 rupees plus GST on taking Gold and Planitimate debit card, zero on others
  • Debit Card Annual Maintenance charge from zero to 350 rupees plus GST
  • Debit Card Replacement Charge Rs 300 / plus GST
  • 50 rupees plus GST on duplicate pin / pin regeneration

– in PNB

  • 20, 200 and 300 rupees plus GST for prepaid, international, platinum card
  • 200 Plus GST for duplicate card
  • Annual Fee Rs 100 plus GST

– Debit Card Fee in ICICI Bank from Rs 99 to Rs 150, Debit Card PIN Regeneration Rs 25, However, not applicable to the request from Instapin in Branch or Customer Care

5. Account Statement

– Original first time in PNB, starting at a minimum of Rs 50 Duplicate Statement ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 1000 plus GST

– Duplicate bank statement Rs 100 per statement in ICICI bank

6. Duplicate passbook

– The first passbook in SBI and continuing to get it free, duplicate passbook, Rs 100 plus GST, then Rs 50 plus GST per page

– From Rs 50 to Rs 1000 plus GST in PNB

– For release of Rs 100 for ICICI Bank and up to Rs 25 per page update

7. IMPS Fund Transfer

– Charge zero to 15 rupees plus GST in SBI

– 5 lacs for up to 1 lac in PNB

– 5 to 15 per transaction in ICICI Bank

8. Withdrawing Savings Account

– From zero to 500 rupees plus GST in SBI

– From 200 rupees to 500 rupees plus GST in PNB

– In case of closure of ICICI Bank from 31 days to 1 year of account opening, Rs 500

9. On check or bill return

– SBI charges up to Rs 150 to Rs 250 plus GST, charging 500 rupees plus GST on check bounced

– Returns from 300 to 2000 rupees plus GST for return on any reason in PNB

– From Rs 100 to Rs 750 per month in ICICI Bank

10. On the formation of demand draft

– Charges ranging from Rs 4 to Rs 50 in SBI

– From Rs 20 to Rs 50 in PNB

– From Rs 40 to Rs 15000 in ICICI Bank

11. NEFT and RTGS 

– From SBI to NET Banking / Mobile Banking, from Rs 1 to Rs 5 plus GST, for RTGS from Rs 5 to Rs 10, plus GST. Charges ranging from Rs 2.5 to Rs 50 plus GST for NEFT and RTGS in the bank branch

– RTGS Charges from PNB to Rs 25 to Rs 55 plus GST, from Net Banking RTGS to Rs 25 to Rs 45 plus GST Rs 2.50 plus Rs 25 per transaction through NEFT Charge Branch, up to Rs 2 plus GST through Net Banking

– From RTGS 25 to Rs 50 per transaction in ICICI Bank, from NEFT 2.50 to Rs 25 per transaction

12. Cash Deposit Transaction

– SBI offers 3 deposit free in the month, followed by Rs 50 plus GST

– Cash Deposit and Withdrawal in ICICI Bank, 4 Transactions free in the month, followed by Transactions starting from Minimum Rs 150

13. ATM charge

– Rs 20 plus GST, Rs 22 plus GST on Cardless Withdrawal, if there is no transaction in case of insufficient balance in SBI

– Due to insufficient balance in the ICICI Bank, transaction fee of Rs 25 per transaction from other bank ATM

14. Safe Deposit Locker

– In SBI

  • Annual fare from Rs 1000 to Rs 9000 plus GST
  • One time registration charge from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 plus GST
  • 40% of annual rent charged on non-payment of locker rent

– Locker annual rent in PNB from Rs 800 to 8000 plus GST


Source:- financialexpress


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