Scam on Facebook: Man gets cheated twice of over Rs 1 lakh and this can happen to you too

Scam on Facebook: Man gets cheated twice of over Rs 1 lakh and this can happen to you too

A man residing in Thane got cheated by the same scamster twice on Facebook when he wanted to sell his furniture. The victim posted an ad on Facebook for the same. Three days later, he got a call from a buyer who offered to pay via mobile wallets like Paytm and Google Pay. Here is everything you must know about this scam…

The scamster looks for ads on Facebook, Olx, Quikr and other platforms

On spotting a potential target, they contact the ‘advertiser’ to buy the product

The scamster doesn’t bargain and agree at whatever rate the victim sells his product

The scamster, pretending to buy the product, agrees to book it by paying via UPI

This is where the scam happens. Instead of sending money, the scamster requests money from the victim

In this case, the scamster requested for money on Paytm instead of sending it to the victim

The scamster, pretending to pay money via Paytm for the furniture, requested money from the victim. The victim thought that he was getting money, gave away the OTP, and money got debited from his account.

The second scam happened when the scamster agreed to refund the money claiming that the transaction was a mistake

When the victim confronted the scammer that money got deducted from his account via Paytm instead, the scammer apologised and pretended to refund it via Google Pay. Without the knowledge of the victim, the scammer requested the same amount again on Google Pay and the victim lost money again.

After losing Rs 1.01 lakh, the scammer offered another refund. This is when the victim realised that he got scammed

The request money feature in UPI apps is scammer’s best friend as innocent victims do not realise that they are paying money instead of getting it

To prevent scams, always know that OTPs are required to send money and not to receive money


Source:- gadgetsnow


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