These special details are hidden in your PAN card, know full details

These special details are hidden in your PAN card, know full details

In today’s era, PAN card has become an essential document. Pan Card is required to fill in income tax from large purchases or transactions, opening demat accounts, buying properties etc. A PAN number makes your financial transactions easy and transparent. But have you ever wondered why the Pan-India Permanent Account number is so overwhelming and what would have meant to this strange number? Let’s say-


PAN is an alpha numeric number of 10 digits i.e. digitates with English alphabets. The first 3 digits of the PAN are always English alphabets. These early digits are alloted in the Income Tax department’s AAA to ZZZ according to the ongoing series. After this, the fourth digit is also an English alphabet, which shows the status of the PAN card holder. What status show is done with the alphabet, this information is like this:

P-Single person
A-AOP (Association of Person)
H-HUF (Hindu Undivided Family)
B-BOI (Body of Individual)
J-Artificial Judicial Person for
G-Government it happens

5th digit tells surname

The 5th digit is also an English alphabet. This card shows its surname in the event of a person’s holder. In other cases, the name of the entity shows.

6th to 9th digit

6 to 9th digit numerics is the number These are also allot under the ongoing series from 0001 to 9999.

The last digit of the PAN

The last digit is an English alphabetic check digit. For this, the department uses a formula.


Source:- financialexpress


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