TRAI launches app for DTH, cable TV viewers; select your channels and find out your total bill

TRAI launches app for DTH, cable TV viewers; select your channels and find out your total bill

Telecom regulator TRAI has launched a web application for DTH and cable TV subscribers to let them preview their new subscription packs and prices, ahead of the rollout of new tariff regime, under which customers can select and pay for individual TV channels they want to watch.


Listing all — paid channels, free-to-air channels, SD channels, HD channels and mandatory channels, the app informs subscribers about their TV viewing cost once they exercise their choices in the mock subscription. Also, the application has an optimisation service which could help subscribers reduce their TV bill.

With the application, subscribers can select their desired channels and a summary will appear about the total cost of the selection divided into different components like network capacity fees, FTA, SD channels etc.

However, this is just for trial-run. To actually subscribe to the new channels, the subscriber will have to contact the service providers. If a customer has selected a channel that belongs to a bouquet, the application also helps to optimise the bill by informing about the same.

TRAI said that the whole process is similar to adding items in a shopping cart, towards the end of which, the total price appears. Also, once subscribers are through the process, they have an option to print the selection so that the same can be handed out to the service provider for easy selection.

The web application is available at this URL:

The application takes into account your region, prefered languages, channel genres such as music, news, sports, infotainment etc, channel quality and custom choices to give custom prices. Subscription to 25 channels is mandatory which includes regional DD channels, Lok Sabha TV, Rajya Sabha TV etc to name a few.

TRAI also states that there are 534 FTA channels at present. While a choice of 100 channels is included in the base pack, subscribing to any more of these channels will cost only network capacity fees. The current network capacity fees is set at Rs 154 (Rs 130+GST) for the base pack of 100 channels. Anything above the 100 channels will cost additional network capacity fees of Rs 20 per 25 channels. The new plan rolls out this February.


Source:- financialexpress


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