TRAI recommends testing norms for fixed line services

TRAI recommends testing norms for fixed line services

New Delhi: The telecom regulator has given recommendations on network testing before commercial launch of wireline services for telecom service providers (TSPs).


Following a consultation process on the subject this year, The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) that TSPs should be allowed to enrol ‘test users’ (instead of ‘test subscribers’ in case of wireless services) for network testing before commercial launch.

“There should be no restriction on the time limit, if the network testing is conducted using wireline telephone test connections given to employees and business partners,” TRAI said.

Meanwhile, the limit is 90 days involving test users outside of the company, which can be extended upto 180 days with DoT’s prior approval, TRAI said.

The number of test users that can be enrolled a Licensed Service Area should be limited to 5% of its installed network capacity for that area and the details of capacity calculations will be submitted to DoT and TRAI at least 15 days in advance.

The TSP must also ensure adequate verification of each and every customer before enrolment as a subscriber, protection and privacy of communication, maintaining Call Detail Record (CDR)/IP Detail Record (IPDR), Confidentiality of Information, Lawful interception and monitoring, etc, TRAI said.

TRAI also said that the user must be adequately informed about duration and scope of the test and likely sub-optimal level of network performance.

The user will also be exempt from any fixed charge or usage-based charge during the test phase and all equipments such as telephone handset, broadband modem, ONT (Optical Network Terminal) modem, must be provided free of charge.


Source:- economictimes


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