Using Chrome, Gmail as email and browsing apps on iPhone still an ‘issue’

Using Chrome, Gmail as email and browsing apps on iPhone still an ‘issue’

NEW DELHI: Tech giant Apple recently rolled out an iOS 14.1 update in order to fix some bugs in iOS 14. However, after this latest software update a bug related to the third party apps still exists. With the launch of iOS 14, Apple introduced a feature which allows users to select some third party apps and use them as default apps. For instance users can use the Chrome browser instead of Safari and also replace Apple’s email app with Gmail, Outlook and others.

But with a rollout of iOS 14 a bug was discovered which would change the default browser and email client back to Apple’s own. The problem occurred whenever a user rebooted their iPhone. Apple, however, claimed that it fixed the issue last month with the iOS 14.0.1 update. But still many users were still not able to use this feature and their app choices were reverted back to default Apple apps.

A software developer David Clarke has pointed out that the same bug still exists even after the release of iOS 14.1 update. So, this means that still the iPhone users will not be able to change the default Apple apps with the third party apps of their choice.

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 14.1 update which brought support for 10-bit HDR video playback and editing in Photos app for the iPhone 8 and the models launched after that. Apart from this, the latest software update also fixed bugs which caused problems in some folders, icons and widgets present on the home screen. The company has also solved the issue related to dragging widgets with the latest update.



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