WhatsApp Delete Messages: Everything You Must Know About Self Destructing Messages

WhatsApp Delete Messages: Everything You Must Know About Self Destructing Messages

WhatsApp has been rolling out several new features for its Android and iOS apps since the past few weeks. While Android users received the finger lock update, iOS users recently got the new group privacy settings and call-waiting support as well. However, there are two features that users of the world’s most popular instant messaging app have been waiting for eagerly since quite some time now, and they still remain part of the beta tests. Yes, we’re talking about the long-awaited Dark Mode and Self-destructing messages.

While the date for a stable rollout of the Dark Mode remains a mystery, we do have details on WhatsApp’s ‘Self-destructing messages’ feature thanks to a recent beta update. For one, the feature, which was previously called ‘Disappearing Messages’ will now be called ‘Delete Messages’. Although WhatsApp has no announced when the feature will be launched, here’s how it will work.

The ‘Delete Messages’ feature will have a toggle that can be switched on or off both individual and group chats. Turning the feature on will let users delete all messages sent within that chat under a chosen time interval, giving greater control on both privacy and security. Even when it comes to choosing the time slot, WhatsApp lets users choose between five options: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. Also, unlike the pre-existing ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature, the new ‘Delete Messages’ feature won’t leave any trace when a message has been deleted. However, users should be aware that once they switch off this feature, their messages will be deleted according to their pre-existing settings.

Like the Dark Mode, WhatsApp seems to be late in joining the self-destructing messages bandwagon too since other, arguably more secure, messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal have already had them for ages. Let’s hope the delay is because WhatsApp aims at introducing a bug-free feature, and is taking its own sweet time to resolve any last-minute glitches.

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