WhatsApp latest feature: Now, search across your chats more easily

WhatsApp latest feature: Now, search across your chats more easily

With more than 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is probably the most popular social messaging app. Moreover, the Facebook-owned application also finally released the much-anticipated dark mode feature to all its Android and iPhone users recently, which has only garnered to its popular usage.


Along with that, one more less known but highly useful feature was silently released. We shall talk about the feature below, but let’s just say that this one would make your search filter much more advanced, and your life easier!

With dark mode feature that eventually rolled out to all users, WhatsApp also upgraded its search feature on the chat app, adding a bunch of advanced search features.

In addition to its basic search filter that enabled you to search for messages or chats using a keyword either over the entire app or inside individual chats, WhatsApp has now added an Advanced Search feature, which will let you filter your search not just for texts but also for photos, links, audio, documents, GIFs or videos. All these search options can prove to be incredibly useful, especially a specific search for weblinks.

Now, when you type a particular word that you want to search for in your earlier chat history, along with your chat history showing the texts with keyword that you searched with, the app will also give you options to search the same for photos, links and videos. For instance, if you are looking for a particular chat with the word “hello”, the app would filter options for the chats that contain the particular word and also suggest options of photos, videos and links you might have shared on the app with the word “hello”.

Apart from this, the predefined searches also cover GIFs, documents and audio. There’s also a specific search for weblinks, which could be incredibly useful if you can’t remember who sent a link or just want to see a list of everything sent.

The search will also allow you to press on of the predefined options and then type in keywords. So, pressing GIF and typing cat will show you sensible results that feature a cat – although the image will need to be named the right thing presumably.

Moreover, WhatsApp might also add the audio feature search soon, according to WABetaInfo, the online portal dedicated entirely to the coverage of the Facebook-owned messaging platform.

In case the advanced search options are not showing on your phone, chances are your WhatsApp is not updated to the latest version. Simply go to your Google Play Store for your Android smartphone or the App Store if you use an iPhone and update the app manually to the latest version.




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