WhatsApp latest features: Facebook Stories integration, ‘Night Mode’, QR Code and more

WhatsApp latest features: Facebook Stories integration, ‘Night Mode’, QR Code and more

Earlier this week WhatsApp rolled out new beta updates for Android and iOS platforms. These updates bring new features and make some changes as well.


First reported by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp on Android is working on ‘Night Mode’, QR code and Facebook sharing tools. WhatsApp users on iOS get cleaner photo albums, improvements to streaming videos and notifications. In terms of availability, WhatsApp beta users will not get to access these features as yet.

iOS users will get the new features with the next WhatsApp update. For now, interested users can opt for WhatsApp’s TestFlight Beta Program. Here’s a look at the new features on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp – Android

Facebook Stories integration

WhatsApp is working on integrating Facebook Stories with the messaging app. With this feature users will be able to share WhatsApp Status as their Facebook Story directly from the app. Facebook already allows this feature on Instagram. Looks like WhatsApp will also be added soon.

QR Code

As the name suggests, WhatsApp users will be able to add contacts through QR codes. Every user will have a unique QR code which others can scan and immediately add them to their contact list.

Night Mode

WhatsApp’s version of dark mode is said to be called ‘Night Mode’. This UI change has been rumoured to arrive on WhatsApp since last year. Soon images of dark mode on WhatsApp started showing up on beta.

WhatsApp – iOS

Album layout

iPhone users will soon see a cleaner layout of albums on WhatsApp. Multiple photos will now be clubbed in a single bubble on WhatsApp chats. In addition to this, WhatsApp will also show the number of items in the album.

Profile picture download disabled

WhatsApp is disabling the ability to download profile pictures on iOS. WhatsApp already removed this feature on Android and its business app. WhatsApp users can still download group icons but not profile pictures of individual contacts.

Other improvements

WhatsApp’s latest beta update on iOS improves video streaming, message notifications, and VoIP calls. WhatsApp also recommends “Change Number” to users before deleting their account.


Source:- hindustantimes


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