WhatsApp ‘Mute Always’ Feature Likely On Cards

WhatsApp ‘Mute Always’ Feature Likely On Cards

WhatsApp has a mute chat option that will let you mute the chats, be it individual or groups that are feel are annoying. However, this feature lets you mute for eight hours, a week or a month. Now, it looks like the instant messaging app has improved this feature in order to make it more useful for its millions of users.

Going by the latest information that has been tipped by WABetaInfo, the WhatsApp Android beta version has been spotted with a feature called ‘Mute Always’. It is claimed that this new feature will replace the one year option that is available to mute the conversations.

As its name suggests, this new WhatsApp feature will let users mute annoying group chats sans leaving them. However, there is no clarity regarding when this beta feature will be rolled out to all the users of the app. But it looks like this feature is quite useful for many who are part of some annoying chats, from both

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Besides this, WhatsApp appears to be in plans to rename the WhatsApp Web service as Linked Devices sometime soon. The change in the name of this service was spotted on the Android beta version of the app with the version number And, it is believed to be linked to multiple devices support that is reportedly on cards. With the Linked Devices feature, users can use same WhatsApp account in up to four devices and it will let them manage their devices too.

There is another option that will let users add new devices. This is possible by just clicking on the ‘Link A New Device’ option. As soon as you are logged into a new device, the app will no more require the primary device similar to the social media platforms. But, this feature that supports multiple device support is still under development and we are yet to know when exactly it will be rolled out to the public.



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