WhatsApp testing cashback in a bid to push payments in India

WhatsApp testing cashback in a bid to push payments in India

WhatsApp is testing a new feature for its in-app payments service. The messaging app could soon offer cashbacks on payments to its users. This feature is currently being tested with no word on its official release yet.

The new WhatsApp payments feature could be exclusive to India or introduced first to India. In the test discovered by WABetaInfo, the cashback is limited to UPI payments in India. WhatsApp is offering cashback of up to ₹10 per payment but it may be increased before the official release of the feature. WABetaInfo also says that users can get only one cashback. It isn’t clear though if this means WhatsApp will give you only one cashback throughout or one per payment. There’s also confusion over whether this cashback will be only for new users or existing users as well.

The feature has also popped up as a test in the WhatsApp app but not for public beta testers. It’s highlighted on top of the chat list reading “Get cashback on your next payment.” You can tap on it to get started. There’s not enough clarity yet but we could get to know more about the WhatsApp payment feature as the development continues. But it’s quite clear that the cashback feature would be a way for WhatsApp to push its payments service in India.

WhatsApp recently started rolling out a new payments shortcut making it easier for users to locate the feature. The payments button has been placed in the text box as opposed to sitting inside the attachments box. It also launched background cards in India that adds a little bit of colour and personalised experience to payments. This is similar to the background cards in Google Pay…Read more>>



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