Xiaomi Shoes 2: Where to buy Mi shoes 2 online, price, features and shipping details

Xiaomi Shoes 2: Where to buy Mi shoes 2 online, price, features and shipping details

Xiaomi Smart Shoes 2: Chinese tech giant Xiaomi recently announced the launch of its new lifestyle product Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 in India. The product carries a price tag of Rs 2,999 but it comes with a catch.


Although the Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 can be booked immediately via the company’s crowdfunding platform, those looking for a quick delivery will have to wait for more than a month. The company has announced that shipping of the newly launched product will commence only on March 15.

The company has claimed that its Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2 is a perfect balance of performance and style.

Xiaomi Shoes 2 price in India

Xiaomi Sports Shoes 2 is available in Black, Grey, and Blue colour options. The Blue and Grey versions have a white sole while the Black has a uniform paint of black down to the sole.

The actual price of Xiaomi Sports Shoes 2 is Rs 2,999 but for the early birds, the Chinese firm is offering Rs 500 discount. The smart shoes is currently available for Rs 2,499 via its crowdfunding platform. However, the offer is available for a limited time.

Xiaomi Shoes buy online

Xiaomi has set a target of selling over 5,000 units through its crowdfunding platform in 10 days. The product is available on company’s crowdfunding platform since February 6. Once the crowdfunding listing will end, the company will reverse the price to the original i.e. Rs 2,999.

The Xiamo Shoe 2 has been made using 5-in-1 Uni-Moulding Technology, a fishbone structure and shock absorption. It is available up to a size of 11 number (UK).

The company claims that 10-fishbone structure provides support for the arch while maintaining balance and reducing chances of sprain. They are made of mesh fabric and thus it is machine-washable.


Source:- financialexpress


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